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Company History

Boundary Surveys:

Having performed boundary surveys in Central New York since 1977 the personnel at Kaatskill Mountain Surveyors are ready to bring their experience and expertise to your project. As successor in record to the files of Rowe, Woodin and Parsons, Land Surveyors we house over 2,900 files, detailing several thousand parcels of lands in Upstate New York.

Buying or Selling:

Land transfers benefit from an accurate and thorough boundary survey by ensuring that the buyers know what they are purchasing. The corners will be marked and the property lines painted. Your lending institution and title insurer will receive the appropriate certifications. Your attorney will receive an accurate and up to date legal description.

New Products

Sub-division of Land:

Our staff is experienced in the mapping, layout and approval process of land subdivision. Whether a simple lot split or large development we can provide you with timely and complete mapping.

Land Disputes:

While none of us wants hard feeling with our neighbors, a boundary survey is a necessary step in the resolution process. Our considerate and tactful staff are able to provide you the testimony you may need.

NYSAPLS: KMS follows the Code of Practice for Land Surveyors.

The partners of the firm include:

* Douglas S. Woodin, L.S. 1977 License No. 49243

* Richard E. Parsons, L.S. 1978 License No. 49317

* Richard G. Braun, L.S. 2000 License No. 050393

For information on the importance of having a survey, please link to "Why Survey?"

What is a land survey? A Land Survey is the procedure of determining the location of monuments which mark a property line, boundary or corner of a parcel of land or the setting of new monuments. A survey should be ordered whenever there is a conveyance of any parcel of land, to be assured of the location of the boundaries of the land. Additionally, Land Surveys may be done to show the location or ownership of features, whether man-made or natural and to obtain Title Insurance Coverage over matters of survey. Most buyers and their lenders require a survey at time of closing.

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