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Land Surveying Practice in New York State is ever changing and complex, evolving from Colonial Times to the present. This profession is rich in tradition and custom. Throughout the state, the profession is required to respect and accommodate historic standards in measurement, as the same apply to land boundaries and the succession of title dating back to the early sixteen hundreds. Historic and period standards have differed in scale and procedure throughout history, resulting in varying and unique local standards of horizontal and vertical datum which must be recognized and used for survey measurement in various section of cities and towns that were mapped and / or sub-divided many years ago. (Generally prior to the first quarter of the twentieth century).

Land Surveying Practice in New York State has continued through socio-economic changes and advancing technologies to better serve the interests and well being of the people of the State and protect the integrity of our land boundaries.


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The Code of Practice of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors has served, since 1966, to promote reasonable and prudent standards throughout the entire State of New York.

The Code provides a framework and guide for the practising land surveyor and a standard of expectation for the public. The Code is intended to be versatile, providing for and encouraging the use of evolving technologies while remaining sensitive to and protecting long standing local standards, customs, and mapping traditions.

The Code seeks to avoid legal pitfalls and the difficulty or confusion that may arise from mandating procedures, methods, or precedents that may disrupt established and customary practice, by creating "punch list solutions."


The partners of the firm include:

* Douglas S. Woodin, L.S. 1977 License No. 49243

* Richard E. Parsons, L.S. 1978 License No. 49317

* Richard G. Braun, L.S. 2000 License No. 050393

The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors is ever mindful of the duty and responsibility of the land surveyor to: re-establish the original lines of surveyed property to: "walk in the foot steps of the original surveyor'" thereby protecting the interests of all of the people of the State of New York.

For more information on the Code of Practice for Land Surveyors, link to New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

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