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Company History

Kaatskill Mountain Surveyors, LLP is a partnership owned Land Surveying firm located at 23 Maple Street, Oneonta, New York (main office) and 350 Gladstone Hollow Road, Andes, NY. We have provided professional land surveying and mapping continuously since being founded in 1977 by Gordon P. Rowe, L.S. and Douglas S. Woodin, L.S. under the name Rowe & Woodin Surveying. In early 1979 the partnership was expanded to include Richard E. Parsons, L.S. and the name was changed to Rowe, Woodin & Parsons, Land Surveyors. In 1995 the company expanded it’s business to include GPS specialists offering in-house GPS services for various surveying projects. In the year 2000 the name was changed to Kaatskill Mountain Surveyors, LLP. In 2001 Richard G. Braun L.S. joined the partnership and enhanced the Auto Cad usage.

New Products

For information on previous projects conducted by KMS, please link to "Projects".

For information on the history of surveying, please link to "The History of Surveying and Measurment".

For information on the history of Otsego, Chenango, Delaware and Schoharie Counties, please click on their respective links.


The partners of the firm include:

* Douglas S. Woodin, L.S. 1977 License No. 49243

* Richard E. Parsons, L.S. 1978 License No. 49317

* Richard G. Braun, L.S. 2000 License No. 050393


Much of the subject of surveying is related to the use of scientific instruments. Interest goes back some 3000 years to the various simple equipment used to reestablish field boundaries after the annual floods of the river Nile or to build tunnels, aquaducts and other structures, the remains of which can be found in parts of the Middle East today. From simple squares, water levels and the like the profession has progressed through many forms of theodolite and level, quadrant, astrolabe, zenith sector, plane table and numerous other instruments. (Source: http://www.fig.net/hsm/instruments.htm)

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